Why Name Dasaswamedh

During Satyayug Lord Brahma performed TEN Aswmedh Yagna . That is why this place is named as Dasaswamedh. Under the direction of Lord Brahma TEN Shiva Lingas was kept on the YAGNYA KUND. For example, Purneswar Mahadeva, Shulataksheswar Mahadeva,Brahmeswar Mhadeva, Kshemeswar Mahdeva, Augusthyeswar Mahadeva, Bhuteswar Mahadeva etc.

Kamrup Math Purneswar Mahatyam : The Shivalinga was established by Four Sons of Brahmaji – Rishi Sanak, Rishi Sananda,Rishi Sanatkumar, Rishi Sanatan. Prior to the establishment of Kamrup Math this Shiva Linga existed on the bank of Ganga.