Purneshwar Mahadeva

May 14, 2022

Purneshwar Mahadeva Kamrup Math Purneswar Mahatyam : The Shivalinga was established by Four Sons of Brahmaji – Rishi Sanak, Rishi Sananda,Rishi Sanatkumar, Rishi Sanatan. Prior to the establishment of Kamrup Math this Shiva Linga existed on the bank of Ganga.

Learning & Education Division

May 4, 2022

Learning & Education Division Courses on Veda, Vedanta , Classical Music classes, Free Homeo Treatment and arrangement for Sanskrit Students with Books, Clothes and Food are imparted in math. During Chaturmas arrangement for Bhagwat Path is also organized


May 4, 2022

Utsavas As per Veda and Vedanta every year six Utsavas are held. Janmasthami,Shivaratri,Shri Shri Dakshinakalika , Pratistha Diwas Nrisingha Chaturdashi, and two ceremonies of Gurudev Prayan Diwas. In his utsavas various Sanyasi and various community people as well as GrihiBhaktas assemble here with gaiety and fervour.

Kashi Shri  Shankaracharya

May 2, 2022

Kashi Shri Shankaracharya It is a very age-old Math called Sumeru Math  situated in present day Ganesh Mohalla. It is known from the book DIGVIJAY that Shri Shankaracharya had come number of  times to this Purneswar Temple. He had Four main Disciples , namely, Padmapada Acharya of Jagannath Puri  in…

Why name Dasaswamedh

May 2, 2022

Why Name Dasaswamedh During Satyayug Lord Brahma performed TEN Aswmedh Yagna . That is why this place is named as Dasaswamedh. Under the direction of Lord Brahma TEN Shiva Lingas was kept on the YAGNYA KUND. For example, Purneswar Mahadeva, Shulataksheswar Mahadeva,Brahmeswar Mhadeva, Kshemeswar Mahdeva, Augusthyeswar Mahadeva, Bhuteswar Mahadeva etc.…

Ancient history :

May 2, 2022

Ancient history  This mathh is included as a branch in the Sarda Mathh of Dwarika ( Gujarat) of Shri Shankaracharya in Western Part of India. Shi Shankaracharya had established  Four Piths in four parts of India- East , West North , South . According to him these Piths are called…