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About Us

Kamrup Mathh is one of the age-old Sanyasi  Mathh in Benaras. Many Mathh  situated in Benaras is the branch of this Mathh. For Example, Mumukshu Bhawan  in Asi Ghat ; Rameswar Mathh in Asi ghat; Bhumananda Mathh , Kedar ghat; Chhoto Gibi Mathh.

In the yearAD 1603  , the relevant papers of this Mathh was found in Urdu language.  Kamrup Mathh was established even before 50 years on receipt of this papers.  This Kamrup Mathh was established by Maharaj Chandrakanta Singha Maol of Kamrup Mathh of Assam ( now Guhahati) in the name  of his  Gurudev Swami Mahdevananda Tirtha( Earlier name Tantrik Sarbananda Thakur).The First  Acharya Sureswaracharya  of Sardamath at Dwarika Amnai was the first generation  Kamrup Mathh . More about this Kamrup Mathh will be published subsequently.

Swami Mahadevananda Tirtha

Swami Brahmahnanda Tirtha

Swami Paramananda Tirtha

Our programmes

In Kamrup Mathh ,there are 24 Narayan Shila pran prathistha still exists, besides this Radha Govinda, Laxmi Narayan Mandir is also being worshipped every day. In Ground Floor entrance Purneswar Mahadev Temple , Mahakaleswar, Chandramouleswar, madhabeswar, Parashurameswar, Someswar etc ShivLinga exists in mathh. The Kamakshya Devi Temple, Gouri Ganeshji Temple is also established there. Regular Puja, Bhogdan being performed by devoted Preists engaged exclusively for the purpose.

      It provides two times Bhojan, Jalpan for nearly 50 persons everyday.


Stay Arrangements

The perfect and most relaxing stay arrangements for our guests only at the ashram to keep their plans more exciting and keeping their energies high.

Free Pure Vegeterian Meal

We provide the Perfect veggies dish at Ashram. The Best delicious Regional touch of veggie can be found on the tongue of our guests.

Clean & Healthy Atmosphere

We make sure to maintain a clean environment to help keep diseases away and bring a sophisticated and happy place for our guests.

Online Booking

Will Be Available Shortly


Satyendra Basu (Nagpur) Disciple

We were one of the luckiest families to be associated with this auspicious ashram from 1960s. Three generations (My Parent, We two and our Son & Daughter at Teenage) were blessed with Diksha Mantra by the pious hand of Swami Achyutananda Tirtha Maharaj. In one word, whatever we are today with all round happiness it is the magnanimous blessings of this Mathh.

Dr. Amit Chakraborty (Howrah) Disciple

We are blessed to be associated with this Mathh since 1958 and become disciple of Swami Achyutananda Tirtha Maharaj. Lot of unforgettable memories cannot be described in lines. He is popularly known as Jaijaibaba and I can describe in short as a "moveable Shivji in Banaras".

Paresh Pal (West Bengal) Disciple

My association wth mathh since 2008 wth the blessings of my parent and holy darshan of swami Baneswaranda Maharaj.Since he was kind enough to make me his disciples I and my family has seen miracles of success for which I am greatful to Swamiji and the mathh in my lifetime.

Monodip Banerjee (Kolkata) Disciple

In 2015 I came under the guidance of Swami Baneshwarananda Tirtha Maharaj of Kamrup Mathh, Varanasi. At the age of 32 I became HIS disciple. I cannot describe "Swami Ji", His grace and His amazing ways in words. Being a disciple of "Swami Ji" every moment something happens that makes me feel that I am secure under His refuge. I am truly lucky to have Him beside me. When ever I visit Kamrup mathh, I feel immense pleasure due to its ambiance.